PVC tarpaulin

Our main product, PVC tarpaulin, made us become a leading exporter to many countries in African and The Middle East. Because of our large permanent stocks more and more clients from neighboring countries are finding us because we secure a prompt delivery.

PVC tarpaulin is available in first grade and stock lots at sharply reduced prices per m² or even per kilo. PVC tarpaulin has many applications like: truck covers, side curtains, tents, structure membrane, boats, inflatables and general covering purposes.

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Pvc coated tarpaulin

Key specifications:

  • Material
    double side PVC coated woven fabric
  • Weight
    available from 450gr/m² to 1.500gr/m²
  • Size
    rolls, width from 150cm to 500cm
  • Colours
    available in a wide range of colors
  • Application
    truck covers, tents, boats, inflatables and general covering purposes
  • Delivery
    we have large quantities of 1st and 2nd quality tarpaulin available
  • Brand
    HT – Tarpaulin